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A Woman Knock Out A Man?

Men Vs Women

Ever hear the story about a woman who knocks out a man cold?


Or just urban legend.

With the right type of training and a little hand conditioning it certainly is more than possible. However your goal in a self defense situation isn’t to knock a man out, what you’re really after is to be able to develop enough destructive power to temporarily incapacitate him.

You want him hunched over writhing in pain from the blow that you just delivered so that you can make your escape safely. Some targets just don’t require much power at all to do the type of temporary damage that you’ll need, but you still need to learn how to produce real destructive power because not every situation will call for going into full combat mode and hitting someone in a vital target area.

Even if a little baby suddenly puts their fingers into your eye, believe me you’ll feel it. The downside to these targets however, is  the fact that reflexes tend to be extremely high when it comes to these vital areas as well. You need to be able to execute your technique while not telegraphing the intent to make it effective.

One effective way to accomplish this is by bringing your attacking hand from below someone’s line of vision instead of at shoulder height. This has the effect of slipping under someones radar.

That’s the kind of mindset that you have to develop, regardless how big or menacing someone looks there are certain parts of the body that just can’t be strengthened. Even in the most brutal of sports, Mixed Martial Arts tournaments, the action always comes to a grinding halt when a fighter mistakenly gets a poke in the eye or a misplaced kick to the groin.
But there’s a lot more to good self defense than a poke to the eye or a kick to the groin as you’re about to learn.

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