Self Defense Techniques From A Dance Video?

Every so often some hot new dance exercise infomercial hits the market taking the country by storm.

Of course anything that helps people achieve their health goals is always a good thing. But one of the observations that I’ve made after studying multiple martial arts systems is that these same movements can have a additional benefit of protecting your health against a different kind health risk.

The attacker that tries to ruin your health for their short term financial gain.

Your first self defense technique should be compliance, just give the creep the money, your life is more important.

But sometimes you may not have that choice.

When you think about it, self defense techniques and dancing all boil down to movement. The difference being the underlying principle of the movement and the intent behind the person doing it.

When you start to discover principles of movement as it pertains to self defense; even things like a simple Jumping Jack exercise could be applied as a self defense technique.

Imagine someone has their hands around your throat, now I know this maybe a Hollywood type of attack but this is just an example. In a traditional Jumping Jack exercise you would start out with your hands along your sides feet together.

But what if you could actually make this same motion a counter to a front choke hold.

If you brought your hands from your sides to approximately where your navel is, then you explode into your jumping jack your arms could knock the front choke off by coming on the inside of the attackers arms that are around your neck.

Instead of your feet going out parallel to from other, let one go forward and one drop back, right into a running or walking stance. Now you’re lined up for knee strikes running etc..

When you begin to see movement like this; with a different application different intent, there are literally hundreds of possible self defense techniques that you may do everyday that can be applied to protect yourself.

All without having to learn new moves that you then have to hard-wire into your muscle memory.

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