What Would You Have Done If You Were This Woman ?

Put yourself in the drivers seat of this woman who suddenly found herself at the hands of this criminal after pulling up to this ATM machine at night. I want to say shortly after pulling up but if you notice from the footage the victim is there for quite sometime before the attacker appears.

What would you have done if you were this woman?

Did you see any opportunities to escape or fight ?

Of course it’s easy to judge and call in plays from the safety and security of the sidelines. But the reality is some victims may have never even been in a heated confrontation much less a physical fight. So the thought of having to go from getting some cash to the possibility of fighting with a grown man that may be a hardened criminal can be terrifying.

But your life could depend on what you do or don’t do.

There is a glaring danger here however in the one thing that this poor woman was forced to do. Allowing yourself to be taken from the scene of the attack… especially in this case being locked away in a the trunk of her car!

This could’ve ended very badly for her, the reality is a lot of crimes of this type normally result in the victim being taken to another location and then raped or worse murdered. Fortunately for this woman she was eventually found unharmed.

Great tips in this instructional video of stopping an abduction attempt how to strike surgically to soft tissue targets. As well as the principle of dropping your center of gravity to make yourself much heavier to pickup.

Even if you’re armed sometimes you may not have time to get to your weapon so it is important to have some type of training to allow you to get that distance you need.

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