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Sexual Predators Exposed


There’s a negative impact to all of the media attention directed towards the alleged exploits of  someone like Bill Cosby; alleged of course because there are currently no formal charges filed against him or any convictions at the time of this post.

Unfortunately there is always an element in society that will use the information relayed by the media the wrong way. These stories may readily provide the  already active criminal  more ideas to become even more successful in their criminal exploits.

Invariably there’s always a story popping up in the news of some poor unsuspecting college student that has been sexually assaulted while heavily intoxicated at some campus party, and in some instances even assaulted by multiple attackers. Other equally intoxicated testosterone fueled morally and ethically challenged boys.

Now it’s one thing for inhibitions to be lowered as the alcohol consumption increases and for behavior to inversely go way out of control and hedonistic for consenting adults.

But it’s quite another thing to be deliberately targeted and attacked by a true sexual predator, those among us that are completely morally and ethically bankrupt.


High Profile Sexual Predator

The story about Max Factor Cosmetics heir Andrew Luster was one such case of the seriously perverted ; but make no mistake there are many more like him and other potential sexual predators in the making…

In 2000 Andrew Luster great grandson of the cosmetics company founder Max Factor was being held on a 6.5 million dollar bail back then for 40 charges of kidnapping, drugging and raping  dozens of women as well as video taping the assaults.

Andrew would use his wealth to lure these women into bars and then slip the drug gamma-hydroxybutrate commonly referred to as GHB into their drinks subsequently taking them to expensive hotels and then repeatedly rape them while video taping these sexual attacks.

Fortunately Andrew was eventually captured by the famed TV reality show star Dog the Bounty Hunter after jumping bail and fleeing to Mexico. Andrew Luster was originally sentenced to 124 years but had his sentenced reduced to 50 years .

That’s all it takes is one drink for a creep like this to have their way with you.

That’s the goal for this type of sexual predator to get their victim in a completely vulnerable state. To get one spiked drink into you that will send you into an immediate drug induced stupor.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Well certainly the number one  thing you could do is to avoid ever leaving any unfinished drink unattended. Luckily there is also a new product on the market that allows you to test your drink for any presence of the two  most common types of date rape drugs.

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