High Decibel Personal Alarm

Piercing Personal Alarm

A good personal alarm would be one that is small enough to fit in a handbag or pocket. a device that also wouldn’t take much effort to activate should you need to sound the alarm.

Correction officers in prison systems use similar devices, because they can’t walk around with weapons and risk getting overpowered and their weapons gets used against them. The personal alarm becomes  one of the main defense systems that they have. When it sounds a special tactics team rushes to the officers aid.

A Personal Alarm should be part of your self defense plan as well. As with all of the other products we recommend it’s very inexpensive and it emits a very loud shrill sound that can be heard from quite some distance away.

The really good alarms activate with just pulling a plastic pin that causes the device to sound off a piercing alarm that will attract plenty of attention.

The only negative that I can see is solely relying on a loud noise as your only means of self defense. But don’t get me wrong I think everyone should include one as part of their self defense arsenal.

Even men, who typically react differently from women when attacked; they don’t tend to use screaming or attention getting noise for self defense. It may be connected to that idea of not being to quick to ask for directions as well. You know the I can handle this… attitude.

At least when it comes to  being attacked by another human being.

An alarm that makes so much noise you have to hold your hands over your ears, and doesn’t stop unless it’s smashed to pieces, the battery goes dead , or the pin is placed back in, is certainly a good thing to have at your disposal.

High Decibel Personal Alarm

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