Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like A Girl ?

Ever seen two cats go at it in heated battle? It’s a whirlwind of razor sharp claws and teeth in perpetual motion. And when two women go at it, they can look pretty similar… Fighting like a girl can be a potent offense if that raw fury is harnessed and directed with surgical precision… Just…

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Bow and Arrow

Draw The Bow Shoot The Arrow

The Foundational Principle of Striking with Speed and Whole Body Power. Simple natural movement for self defense. In this video you’ll learn about using the concept of drawing the bow of the legs to shoot the arrow of your arms to create devastating power and cat like quickness with every strike. With tools like this…

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woman punching

Keep Your Curves

  Keep Your Curves!   No, not those curves you may be thinking of. We’re continuing along our journey exploring some of the basic principles of natural movement as it pertains to effective self defense. If you haven’t seen the first principle of power generation you can see it here. One of the principles that…

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Technique Vs Principle

We got to the portion of the martial arts seminar where we were partnered up other people. My partner that day was a gentleman who had just as many years training in variety of martial arts systems similar to myself. The visiting master demonstrated the first technique he wanted everyone to begin working on. Then…

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Score One For The Pit Bull

Score One For the Pit Bull

  If I only had a dollar for every court case that had a menacing Pit Bull as the defendant I would be pretty well off by now. Pit Bulls even make regular appearances on those TV court shows like those that appear on reality court TV shows like  that pit bull of a  Judge; …

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Hand Signs

Hand Gestures Around the World

  So I came across this cool info graph about what your body language could be saying in another country. Who would have known that a seemingly innocent hand gesture that you would think nothing of right here in the good old USA could have an entirely different meaning abroad. Throwing up the two fingers…

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Former NFL Star Arrested for Rape Darren Sharper, 38 played in the NFL for fourteen seasons for the Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Vikings  and the New Orleans Saints. Mr. Sharper along with another man by the name of Erik Nunez, 26, each face two counts of aggravated rape, the Orleans Parish district attorney’s office said in a statement. Sharper…

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crazy person

When a Staring Match Turns Into Blind Rage

You can never tell how stable or unbalanced someone is  just by they way that they look. Here in lies the danger in flexing your inner Alpha dog if confronted with some random stranger that decides to give you a cold hard stare or even a softer lingering stare. You may be the spark that…

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What is the best Martial Art

Best Self Defense

With literally hundreds of martial arts, instructors and schools to choose from, it can be confusing to to figure out what is the best self defense for a person unfamiliar with any of the various martial arts schools and systems. Not everyone has the ability to carry a gun and even you have a gun…

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Drunk man harasing a woman

Do You Make These Mistakes as a Woman Traveling Alone ?

I sat there waiting in my car at 11pm at what was now a very dark deserted railroad station for my wife’s train to arrive. She left her car at the train station expecting to hop in and drive home like any other day , but this day she got stuck working late. While I…

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