Woman Ninja

Sneaky Self Defense Trick

In Ancient Japan there existed a class of elite warriors that were highly successful in guerrilla warfare called Ninja.

Within this elite group was a  special division of women warriors called Kunoichi; these super women warriors applied the art of deception and cunning to defeat their enemies by infiltrating enemy castles under the guise of dancers, servants or concubines. Many of the weapons they deployed were so successful because they could not be detected until it was too late for their victims.

This was an art into and of itself the art of improvised weaponry.

The female Ninja knew they had a  distinct advantage against any man . Just like a bigger man doesn’t fear a smaller man;  as a general rule men don’t fear women.

And this is one of your Trump cards if you’re ever in a struggle for your very survival believe it or not.

But before you launch into Sheena the warrior mode, your very first line of defense in any situation should be conflict avoidance by always being aware of your environment.

Depending on the situation all you may need  is a little verbal jiujitsu, channeling that dominant Type A Personality making your voice go 2 Octaves above your normal voice, asserting authority just like police officers are trained to do.

But what if you’re ever faced with a more serious threat ?

You can take a tactic from the elite women warriors of ancient Japan and

Travel like a covert secret agent with this sneaky little weapon.


 Lip Stick Pepper Spray

The power in this sneaky self defense weapon is the deception factor. Even if you have this device in full view of a potential attacker they won’t know what hit them until they get a shot of pepper spray right in the eyes!.

This is a perfect non- lethal weapon to have while traveling on public transportation or on a blind date that may have taken a turn for the worse. Have you ever had your intuition throw off a warning signal that something may not be right like someone’s eye’s being eerily glued to you?

A covert weapon such this one can be perfect as long as you don’t tip your hand by jumping into some phony stance or sending a message that you have something in your handbag that you’re going for. It makes perfect sense to have a few of these in several handbags as well. There are also defense sprays that come with visor clips that clip directly onto your cars sun visor for quick access in the event that you need to get to a non lethal weapon while in your car.

The downside to this particular self defense weapon is the small amount that this container holds. However the covert factor more than makes up for the size and is certainly what makes this sneaky little weaponso effective. And with what you’re going to learn on this site along with a couple of non-lethal weapons that we recommend you’ll be able to walk around with new found confidence knowing that you have instant self defense at hand to stop an attack if you need to.


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