Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like A Girl ?

Ever seen two cats go at it in heated battle? It’s a whirlwind of razor sharp claws and teeth in perpetual motion.

And when two women go at it, they can look pretty similar…

Fighting like a girl can be a potent offense if that raw fury
is harnessed and directed with surgical precision…

Just pulling a mans hair and scratching his face if it’s a male attacker that you’re dealing with that is, may not be enough to really stop him. Especially if the attacker has an isolated location to do his dirty work.

Let’s take this fighting like a girl… ahem… I mean a ferocious cat idea and see how you can add some solid principles of movement to your madness.

What the heck do I mean when I talk about principles?

Glad you asked.

What I’m referring to are  things like basic rules of movement as it relates to your body. For our purposes that’s pretty much where our exploration will center around.

You know how you can do a movement in the gym and the instructor, if they’re competent will watch your form to help you avoid having to go from the gym straight to the chiropractor?

As it relates to movement, principles can get get pretty deep but like I said, we’re going to to keep it simple so that at the end of your training grasshopper; you will have some powerful principles at your disposal to tap into.

Power Principle

Wherever the Head Goes the Body Will Follow

Aside from wrestlers very few people condition the muscles in their neck, and even if they do it’s not easy to keep yourself from going down when someone is twisting your head or has a hand on your forehead pushing your head backwards using the strength of their whole body which you will learn more about as our lessons progress…

Using this principle will open up new dimensions let’s say for example if you grabbed someone by the hair. Your goal wouldn’t be just to try and pull out a clump of hair.

If you get your hands on an attackers head preferably one on top either pulling the hair or a finger in an eye socket  or anywhere else that you can get leverage and another hand underneath the chin.

Your goal is to twist the attackers head which will create a chain reaction on the body when done correctly.

A simple way to practice this without straining a training partners neck is to use a small medicine ball if you have access to one, if not this can be done without any ball as an isometric type of exercise.

You would just simulate holding a ball in front of you at eye level.

You want to be in a running/walking type of stance one foot in front of the other.

As soon you start your rotation IE: palms turning, you want to pull one side of the ball in toward one shoulder or the other. So the palm on the bottom rotates winding up on top , top hand replaces the hand that was on the bottom.

This is your twisting spiraling energy. The power should come from your core , back and legs, not from your arms!

As you rotate the ball is pulled into your core, the further something is extended away from you the less power you will have.

Think of when you  pickup a small child, it’s easier the closer the child is to your body.

Once you start this chain reaction twisting someone’s head and neck; their off balanced body will be wide open to slam one or more well placed knee’s into a groin or stomach.

The best techniques are the one’s that you create, you can play around with this principle in a safe way and work various techniques from the main underlying principle.

Wherever the head goes the body follows.



























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