Cell Phone Stun Gun

Cell Phone Stun Gun



The Pretender just looks like a cell phone. It will give an attacker the shock of their life; 4.5 million volts to stop an attacker in their tracks .

 Positives–  This particular non-lethal self defense weapon just like the lipstick pepper spray, has the covert factor, even in full view no one would ever know that this is actually a stun gun.

The voltage sounds scary, but it’s only causes the muscles to temporarily seize up rendering an attacker helpless.

The self defense videos that you will have access to will show you effective ways of using your hands and how you can effectively use an improvised weapon in a confrontation.

  Negatives– The distance factor. As with any stun gun, you need to be in touching distance for this weapon to have any effect. In an actual attack situation you may not be able to make solid enough contact to stun or disable an attacker enough, which could result in a  much more pissed off attacker leaving you even more vulnerable .

As with any of the products recommended this cell phone stun gun should only be a part of an overall self defense plan. Take a look at this video to give you an idea of the effects of using a stun gun on a potential attacker .


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