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Online self defense training for women . Discover what natural movement exercises and techniques can do to ramp up your level of safety.

Abduction Defense

Here’s some solid video instruction on an abduction defense against two attackers with a van close by in this type of simulated attack. Notice the strong emphasis on managing the distance between the attackers and the defender in this abduction simulation. The strikes are meant to maintain that barrier so that you have the time…

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Fight Like a Girl

Fight Like A Girl ?

Ever seen two cats go at it in heated battle? It’s a whirlwind of razor sharp claws and teeth in perpetual motion. And when two women go at it, they can look pretty similar… Fighting like a girl can be a potent offense if that raw fury is harnessed and directed with surgical precision… Just…

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Bow and Arrow

Draw The Bow Shoot The Arrow

The Foundational Principle of Striking with Speed and Whole Body Power. Simple natural movement for self defense. In this video you’ll learn about using the concept of drawing the bow of the legs to shoot the arrow of your arms to create devastating power and cat like quickness with every strike. With tools like this…

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Technique Vs Principle

We got to the portion of the martial arts seminar where we were partnered up other people. My partner that day was a gentleman who had just as many years training in variety of martial arts systems similar to myself. The visiting master demonstrated the first technique he wanted everyone to begin working on. Then…

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Man Startled

Natural Self Defense Technique 1 Flinch Reaction

  The first natural self defense technique 1 is to teach you how to create a strong angle between you and a potential attacker using the natural reaction of being startled. Important to note in using this defense technique is how you can create a ninety degree angle by utilizing the major bone that runs…

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