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What Would You Have Done If You Were This Woman ?

Put yourself in the drivers seat of this woman who suddenly found herself at the hands of this criminal after pulling up to this ATM machine at night. I want to say shortly after pulling up but if you notice from the footage the victim is there for quite sometime before the attacker appears. What…

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terrified woman

What’s Your Self Defense IQ ?

Take The Test

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Self Defense Techniques From A Dance Video?

Every so often some hot new dance exercise infomercial hits the market taking the country by storm. Of course anything that helps people achieve their health goals is always a good thing. But one of the observations that I’ve made after studying multiple martial arts systems is that these same movements can have a additional…

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Pervert Strikes Again

Woman captures pervert on camera

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Abduction Defense

Here’s some solid video instruction on an abduction defense against two attackers with a van close by in this type of simulated attack. Notice the strong emphasis on managing the distance between the attackers and the defender in this abduction simulation. The strikes are meant to maintain that barrier so that you have the time…

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Abduction Breakdown

What would you do if you were this woman being abducted in this video? This abduction thankfully was caught on a surveillance camera and eventually made national news when the images of this poor woman being snatched off the street went viral. The images captured aren’t very clear, but you can make out how the…

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Bullying A Woman Backfires

Nice to see Karma taking place in real time. Maybe this bully makes an attempt turn his life around and not intimidate random strangers just for kicks. This may make him think twice the next time.

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Child Stops Her Kidknappers Plan

We can only hope our children have the instincts to fight back the way this brave little girl did during this terrifying moment. Hope is all that you may have however, especially if you’ve never taken the time to role play with your child what they should do in a kidnap attempt like the real…

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Intoxicated Woman

Sexual Predators Exposed

  There’s a negative impact to all of the media attention directed towards the alleged exploits of  someone like Bill Cosby; alleged of course because there are currently no formal charges filed against him or any convictions at the time of this post. Unfortunately there is always an element in society that will use the…

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working man knocked ou

A Woman Knock Out A Man?

Men Vs Women Ever hear the story about a woman who knocks out a man cold? Possible? Or just urban legend. With the right type of training and a little hand conditioning it certainly is more than possible. However your goal in a self defense situation isn’t to knock a man out, what you’re really…

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