First off thanks for stopping by to check out my site. Second, if you’re annoyed by the missing plural women’s defense as opposed to woman’s defense I apologize but sometimes getting the domain that you really want just isn’t in the cards.

Let me pay homage to the man who influenced me as well as many other martial artists, Chinese martial arts legend Bruce Lee. I’ve been on this martial arts journey ever since cutting up that first broom stick as a kid to make my own version of Nunchaku sticks, just like Bruce Lee used on the big screen to take out the endless stream of bad guys.

Fast forward some twenty plus years later and I’ve found myself acquiring effective self defense principles and techniques from the variety of teachers and systems that I’ve  been fortunate to study with through these years. Boxing, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Bagua, with a current emphasis these days on the internal art of Iliqchuan and Submission Grappling.

The creation of woman’s defense stemmed from observing my wife being totally oblivious to her surroundings while I sat in my car waiting for her train to arrive late one evening at a dark and very deserted train station. I made a point to increase her self defense IQ and self defense skills. I hope to share some of this very same information along with plenty of tips and techniques designed specifically for women as I continue to build this site out.

I retell that story in a post over here.

My sincerest hope for you  is that you never have to use any of the real physical stuff, and truth be told; increasing your level of environmental awareness alone can make a huge difference in your personal security.

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