Abduction Breakdown

What would you do if you were this woman being abducted in this video?

This abduction thankfully was caught on a surveillance camera and eventually made national news when the images of this poor woman being snatched off the street went viral.

The images captured aren’t very clear, but you can make out how the kidnapping unfolds. You can never tell with absolute certainty how you will react when faced with an unexpected and totally unprovoked attack especially if you never drilled anything.

There will be an underlying tactical strategy that you’ll hear throughout much of the training material uploaded on this site which is to Manage The Distance. You will be introduced to simple techniques and principles that you can apply immediately minus the years of intense training that illustrate this principle.

So place yourself in this scenario

You’re walking alone on a pretty dark and deserted street when suddenly some stranger starts approaching fast and they finally catch up to you. Their body language and the fact that no else is on the street suggests that they are closing the distance to possibly attack you and although your heart feels like its beating out of your chest you’re uncertain.

You’re able to observe that they haven’t pulled out any weapon such as a knife or gun so you maybe confused about what their true intent is, unless they’ve said something as they were approaching like excuse me miss…

You still need to be on guard however because a polite excuse me can be nothing more than an attempt to lower your guard and close that distance to grab you or pull out a weapon.

And on a dark deserted street late at night is even worse, your defenses must definitely be on high alert!

In reality any woman or man for that matter should be walking with something already in your hand to apply quickly in a situation like this. Especially when doing things like leaving a shopping mall and heading to your parking spot at night.

Using the reflexive technique shown Here is a great way to control the distance when someone is attempting to get their arms around you to try and pick you up or even when an attacker closes the distance, getting into your personal space.

This a good example of how to lower your center of gravity which makes you more difficult to pickup or move. Keep in mind that you may have to constantly change positions in relationship to the force being applied against you.

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